Renting VS Buying


        Renting- Rents generally will continue to increase over time.

Buying-You are locking in what you pay for years to come.


Renting- Rules and restrictions such as no pets, no painting, etc.

Buying-When you own, you have control.


Renting- The costs of 1st months rent and security deposit can be costly.

Buying- With low down payment loans that same money can be used to purchase a home.


Renting- If owner decides to sell, you may have to move.

Buying- You decide when and where you move.


Renting- The landlord and not you pays for most repairs which sometimes are costly.

Buying- With home owner ship comes responsibility to maintain and repair your home.


Renting- Gives you more flexibility if you're only going be in a place for a short time, or not sure if you're going to like the area.

Buying- May help you with your taxes as you can right off interest paid on your loan. Talk to your accountant.

In certain situations it is better to rent then buy. Evaluate your options and to determine if it’s the right time to buy or rent.

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