As we head into summer the local housing inventory continues to be extremely low. With only 62 single family homes currently listed for sale within a 20 mile radius of Bishop, California  the choices continue to be very limited.

Potential buyers are looking for that place to call home and with the rates near an all time low it makes sense, in many cases, for them to buy vs. rent. As many of you know, the low number of homes on the market not a new topic in our area. With only 2% of the land being privately owned Bishop is not conducive to new subdivisions and very few new custom homes are being built. This can be a very hard adjustment for many buyers new to the market place. We often hear comments about flowered wall paper, and accoustic ceilings being common place in Bishop. With the majority of homes being built before 1990 you might be able to understand why.

When looking to purchase in Bishop we would advise you to focus on what you get instead of what you don't. You may not get a brand new home, but you will get magnificent views, charming, safe neighborhoods, creeks and ponds and most importantly a wonderful community.

As for sellers if you are looking to do some spurcing up? Hitting the wall paper and the acoustic ceilings are definately  great places to start.  Please don't hesitate in giving us a call or e-mailing us. We would be delighted to give you pointers on what might make your home more salable.

Randi Pritchard, Real Estate Professional in Bishop California for Eastern Sierra Realty. Reach us at 760-873-4161.