What do you think of when you think “real estate agent”? You probably imagine a professional that is there to assist you with buying, selling or investing in property. For the most part that is exactly what real estate professionals do. However, in our work within the industry a number of additional services come into play that are often overlooked by most consumers. Here is a list of just a few of the additional services we provide to our clients, colleagues, friends and neighbors.

Home Value Analysis
Regardless of whether you are ready to sell a home, it is a good idea to know where your property falls in terms of fair market value. Property values fluctuate based on market activity and for homeowners that may not have had much exposure to the market for some time, getting a home value analysis done could be eye-opening.
If you are on the fence about buying or selling, a Comparative Market Analysis (or CMA) is a tool used by real estate professionals to gauge what other similar properties in the local marketplace have been selling for in the recent months. This is a carefully considered report that involves researching more than just recently sold homes but also looking at listings that may have expired as well as properties recently under contract.
A CMA will assist in the process of estate planning, property tax appeals, deciding whether to upgrade or downsize a home and determining if an investment is worth it. It’s also just a good idea to remain on top of where your property value is.
Industry Recommendations
Another very valuable service we provide our clients and friends is a complex network of referrals that come from years of working with vendors, suppliers, contractors, and other service providers. Whether looking for a roofer, someone to manage your lawn and garden or a lender – we have a long list of proven successes that stem from quality service providers.
Insight Into Alternatives
Many consumers are faced with situations where they may be limited in their options. When it comes to housing, we pride ourselves in being able to share useful alternatives  to help those that need it. This could be anything from assistance with moving to another state and finding an excellent agent to provide the same level of service as we do, to helping you find a rental home while you work out your long-term plans. Our goal is to help you – and we are in the business of building relationships not just selling homes.
If you would like to engage us in any of these or other services – we invite you to contact us today. We look forward to helping you!